About Company

HCTS is not just another cooling tower service company, we are a team of dedicated cooling tower service professionals that pay keen attention to detail & prioritize customer satisfaction. We have been in the cooling tower industry for several years now, and we have the manpower, industry-knowledge & technical experience to adequately serve you. Heavy Cooling Tower Services Inc. puts significant emphasis on the cleaning, maintenance & disease prevention aspect of cooling tower systems. Cooling tower maintenance is extremely important for a number of reasons:

  • To prevent the spread of air-borne & water-borne diseases such as the Legionnaires’ disease, which is caused by a bacterial strain known as Legionella.
  • To promote the continued & undisrupted operation of the cooling tower system and all of it’s associated components
  • To ensure that all safety rules, regulations and codes are being adequately met

HCTS strongly believes that maintaining a safe work place is of chief importance to every business. Whether you work in a commercial, institutional or industrial setting, cooling towers, if left unmaintained, can cause many troubles. It is mandatory to keep your worksite safe for employees as well as customers or clients. In fact, failing to do so can have severe legal ramifications upon health consequences. Heavy Cooling Tower Services Inc. promotes accident-free environments.

A unique feature of HCTS’s preventative maintenance service is the provision of maintenance reports for our customers. We also grant customers online access to view their cooling tower maintenance history on the web. These reports include cleanings, replacements, restorations, refurbishments & disinfection reports. Also stored on a cloud computing server are pictures of the “before + after” of cooling towers and related components for future reference.

Advantages of working with HCTS Inc.:

  • We have a commitment to excellence in service & quality
  • All of our technicians are fully insured & bondable
  • HCTS is proud to say that we offers very fast lead times
  • Our pricing & rates are quite competitive
  • As a distributor, we are fully supported by all cooling tower manufacturers
  • We are available at all times of the day or night (24/7 emergency service calls)