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If your property’s cooling towers operate on a seasonal basis, it will soon be time to shut them down. Even when cooling tower systems are taken care of quite well, due to weather & other sometimes-unpredictable factors, damage may occur to both the internal and external components. Winterizing your cooling tower is helpful for many reasons. It extends the life of the physical cooling tower system as well as its functionality and operation capabilities. Below are a few of the steps we employ during our winterization procedure.

  1. HCTS will do a full inspection and cleaning of your cooling tower. Additionally, we will also entirely drain your cooling tower system to ensure that there is no water that can possibly freeze over the wintertime.
  2. Both the incoming water line as well as the drain lines of cooling tower systems are properly insulated and traced with heater cable. This way, the water flowing through these pipes cannot freeze.
  3. During our preventative maintenance visits for cooling towers, HCTS conducts inspections of the unit to make sure that:
    1. Operating controls are functioning properly and have been correctly configured.
    2. The freeze-prevention method is effectively employed.
    3. Ice doesn’t get a chance to build up in areas that could be detrimental to the operation of any part of the cooling tower system.