Parts & Oil

Heavy Cooling Towers Services Inc. offers a large range of OEM replacement parts for any cooling tower system in Canada. As a supplier of OEM parts for all cooling tower makes, regardless of the size of your order, we can take care of it. Below are a few of the most commonly replaced parts in cooling tower systems:

  • drift eliminators for cooling towers
  • heavy duty dura drift eliminators
  • fill media (both counter & cross flow media is available)
  • louvers (air inlet louvers)
  • electric immersion heaters for basins
  • nozzles
  • fans
  • cooling tower vibration switches
  • float valves for cooling towers
  • shield coating & epoxies
  • many mechanical parts like gear reducers, drive shafts, other structural or mechanical components

Plus Gear Oil

Plus Gear Oil is an inhibitor of corrosion and rust, composed primarily of a regular grade mineral oil. This oil usually comes anti-foam treated. Also, it acts as a great demulsifier.

Synthetic Gear Oil

Synthetic Gear Oil is a heavy-duty, synthetic lube that can be used in high temperatures within cooling tower systems. This is an oil that is compatible with ethylene, silicone, chlorinated polyethylene, polyacrylate, polyurethane, polysulfide and fluorocarbon.

At HCTS, we supply not only replacement parts for cooling towers, but also a variety of different grades of oil. We offer gearbox oil change service calls as well as the actual product. In our servicing cooling towers as industry professionals, we have determined that it is best to get an oil change at least once a year.