Our Services


In emergency situations, whether it’s due to weather or other unforeseen catastrophes, HCTS will respond in a timely fashion to your request and can even mobilize with a moment’s notice. We go the extra mile to ensure that your cooling tower stays in operation, with as little down time as possible. Many of the most commonly experienced operational difficulties our customer encounter can be easily overcome by identifying unique operational parameters such as water quality or possible water contaminants, such as the Legionella strain of bacteria. HCTS recognizes that sophisticated cooling water systems demand the close scrutiny of every component involved in the reconstruction process in order to assess the overall performance of the project once completed.

Since all Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) “matched components” are not made equal, it is best to let one of our trained technicians assist you in evaluating and advising the right solution to specifically meet the needs of your cooling tower systems. Our service team is qualified to repair, refurbish, maintain and service all makes and models of cooling tower & their related components. With a focus on customer relations, HCTS prides itself on the level of service we provide and attention we give to detail in every job. From small cooling tower repairs like changing nozzles to larger projects requiring major structural repair, there is no job we will turn away.